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LIVING to 100 is a research effort which includes a triennial international research symposium. Sponsored by the Society of Actuaries, the symposium brings together thought leaders from around the world to share ideas and knowledge on aging, increases in survival rates and the resulting increase in aging populations together with its implications to social, financial, retirement and health care systems. The symposium also examines possible solutions to the challenges and opportunities created.

A diverse range of professionals, scientists and academics gather at this prestigious event to discuss the latest scientific information on how and why we age, measure current mortality and project future rates of improvement in survival, identify potential advantages and risks associated with the increasing number of retirees and suggest answers to difficult issues resulting from individuals living longer. The outcome of each Living to 100 event is a lasting body of research to educate and aid individuals and policymakers in addressing the potential needs and services of the future advanced-age populations. This Web site offers a means of continuing communication among interested researchers and other individuals.

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Prominent social security actuaries discuss mortality projections.

Dr. Nir Barzilai discusses the topic of dying young at an old age.

Dr. Judith Campisi presents Suppressing aging and extending longevity: Will the Twain Meet?

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